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What is Your Sample Policy?

We'll give samples based on availability with a specified begin and end date. We require a credit card that the samples will be billed at full rental price. If the items are returned on time and do not require laundering or pressing, the full amount will be credited back to to the credit card. With [...]

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What is the Policy Regarding Misplaced or Damaged Linens and/or Broken Equipment?

Items not returned or returned damaged will result in additional fees. Candle wax may result in additional cleaning fees or in some extreme cases replacement charges. Please make every effort to use drip less candles. These fees will be additional to the original rental contract and will be applied to the final invoice. For events [...]

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What is the Damage Waiver?

The Damage Waiver covers our products from being ruined or damaged while being used at the event. It Is non-refundable. If there is a refusal to pay the damage waiver, or a request to do a refundable fee, they can pay an additional 50% fee and will be refunded after the event. Once we receive all the [...]

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