Chiavari Chairs – There is NO downfall to using these chairs. Adding Elegance, Sophistication & Style, they truly are a classic piece.

When you add a Chiavari Chair to your event, you instantly transform it from average to upscale. They are used at events such as Academy Awards, Grammy Galas, Presidential Events, and Celebrity Events & Weddings.

So we mentioned why there is absolutely no downside to using Chiavari Chairs, here are some of the many  many reasons we highly recommend them for your event.

They are super versatile.

They look good in any setting.

Outdoor Ceremony, Indoor Reception (or vice versa!). Showers, Dinner Parties, they can be used for anything!

You can dress them up in so many different ways.

They are perfect for hanging items on the knobs on top – flowers, bride & groom signs, and other personal touches


Be creative & tie a sash on them! There are endless ways to tie sashes. We have such a variety you’re sure to find one that matches your event.

To help match your event theme, we have 5 different color options available for you to choose from. We also have different colors and fabrics available as cushions.