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Choosing Wedding Linens

We know… It can be difficult picking out your wedding linens. Who would have thought there are SO many different colors and hues and fabrics to choose from! This isn’t just one small detail either- your linens set the tone for your overall reception. They are truly one of the most important aspects in your wedding decor. Your special day will be one of the [...]

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Country Chic Wedding Theme

When you hear the someone say “Country Chic Wedding”, what comes to mind? Romantic, Beautiful, Nature, Relaxed Feeling.. if so you're just like us.   We LOVE this theme! Influenced by nature, they are cozy yet chic, rustic yet polished. There are so many ways to incorporate a country them into your wedding. Browns, Soft Neutrals, Pastels, Burlap Accents We have so many items to [...]

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We Love Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari Chairs - There is NO downfall to using these chairs. Adding Elegance, Sophistication & Style, they truly are a classic piece. When you add a Chiavari Chair to your event, you instantly transform it from average to upscale. They are used at events such as Academy Awards, Grammy Galas, Presidential Events, and Celebrity Events & Weddings. So we mentioned why there is absolutely no [...]

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New Website Lauch

Welcome to PS Event Rentals.  We’ve launched the first phase of our site today. Specialty quality table linens have been the staple of our event equipment rental business so we thought it fitting to launch it first. The new site is rich with features to help you shop, compare, price, price and create quotes to name a few.  We’d love to hear your comments!

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